Whether it is roll-off containers or small individual hoppers, we have what it takes to get the job done. By dealing directly with the primary and secondary mills, we also are able to obtain the best possible prices for our scrap. This in turn allows us to pay top prices for your scrap.


A/C condenser cores, air conditioners, alternators, aluminum awnings, aluminum cans, aluminum gutters, aluminum ladders, aluminum siding, appliances, autos & auto engines/parts, ballasts-no PCBs, barrels - steel, bathtubs - cast iron, batteries, auto/truck/forklift/ups, red brass, yellow brass, bicycles, cars/car engines/batteries, catalytic converters, compressors, computers - whole or in parts, computer power supply, conduit-pipe, copper-pipe, wire, gutters, demolition scrap, duct work, electric meters, electric motors, electronics, extension cords, fans, fencing, fuse panels, furnaces, gutters, hot water heaters, I-beams, insulated wire - copper & aluminum, ladders - aluminum, lawn furniture - lead & wheel lead, light fixtures, metal - galvanized/sheet/etc., monitors - LCD monitors, motors & blocks, plumbing fixtures, pipe - copper, pots and pans, radiators, refrigerators, roof vents, siding - aluminum, sinks - stainless/cast iron/metal, stainless steel - all - including sinks, transformers, trucks & truck parts, vacuum cleaners, water heaters, wheel rims - steel/aluminum, wire - copper/aluminum/insulated or bright

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